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The BlackBerry network provides unparalleled security with all incoming and outgoing wireless data and messages being encrypted and decrypted. MTN also provides the latest BlackBerry devices and a dedicated team of experts trained in handling personal and corporate use of BlackBerry. For corporate convenience, MTN's BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides companies with an in-house mail server which allows mobile workers to access email communications wirelessly, whether it's web-based information or a corporate email account.

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MTN business provides a diverse range of products and services designed specifically with small business needs in mind. Products such as internet and email solutions, calling and messaging solutions, network solutions, security solutions and data centre services. MTN have been great supporters of South African social development projects as well as sports development throughout the country, with sponsorships of community sports events as well as international sports events such as the FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament.

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FNB Galaxy S4 for R299/month

You're not signed in. Contracts not written in plain language are invalid. This includes customer contracts, employment contracts, and any other documents that may need to be litigated.

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Company directors, managers, and employees, are as liable as the company for any damages incurred. Have you seen any of these documents written in plain language? I repeat, if communications are not in plain language , South African consumers can cancel contracts. Which corporate powerhouse will be the first to take its legal firm to the Consumer Commission?

Want to continue this conversation on The Media Online platforms? The Regulations issued right after the Act was implemented set some pretty rough guidelines for what is a reasonable cancellation fee but no figures. The NCC may establish further guidelines over time but these cancellation fees may be more depending on the circumstances. Hi Juri. I have found this site that was quite usefull. Hi, I phoned 8ta about canceling my contract and was told that I would have to pay the full amount I would have paid for the duration of the contract as well as an R penalty fee.

I would not have minded a certain amount, bu there is not reason to cancel the contract if I would end up paying them more than I would if I stuck with the contract. The coverage is pretty bad and I am not impressed. That is totally wrong, S. Charging a R penalty on top of that is absolute nonsense. If you have a month or 2 left on your contract then the balance due may be reasonable but I am assuming you have a substantial portion of your contract period remaining?

But what can we actually do about this Paul? They quoted me R and my contract expires in April next year.

This is more than I would have had to pay if I continued month to month. I had my contract on a phone call. I asked for a top up contract. I only realised that my contract was not a top up after I saw that my calls are unlimited so I need to know how do I cancel that be 4 its too late I have only two weeks using the phone. So I asked them how do I get what I asked there was no reply. So please help me out on how I can cancel it. Hope this helps. I took out a data contract on friday The consultant and isunderstood what I wanted the data for and it turns out that I cannot use my laptops wifi to sync with my phone.

Now the mtn store is telling me I cannot cancell the contract.

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According to the call centre I have a 7 day cooling off period. Mtn store now wants to charge me for 12 months usage if I have not even used all the data besides what I used when I tried to sync it with my laptop what are my rights? Please help me. This is great for consumers especially for vodacom victims but I cannot find this in any version of the CPA or any amendments.

Hi Mike, apologies for not responding to you. What happened with your contract? Did you come right? As for what you could do, you insist on more reasonable charges and keep escalating until you get to someone who is reasonable. It is tricky, though, as consumers we are at a distinct disadvantage. I urgently need help please. My contract was due to expire and I told the Vodacom assistant I want to downgrade as I cannot afford my current contract which was My at cost of R pm.

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He said no problem. I give you Smarl-L which is only R pm. He suggested I take the Samsung S4. He said I will learn easy. When I got my first account it was R!!!!! My previous contract was surposed to still be valid until end March and new contract effective 1 April. Now yesterday I got the huge bill!

FNB Galaxy S4 for R299/month

Can you pay your cell phone contract deal in advance? Hello I just got a contract phone last month and the first payment is due this month. Can anyone offer help to me?

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I asked when the iphone 6 was coming out and he said December! I decided to take the iphone 5s that day my contract went from R per month to R per month which I was happy to pay as I would get triple data! I was very annoyed to find that the iphone 6 came out only 3 weeks after me signing a contract on the iphone 5, am I within my rights to take the 5 back and cancel my contract and get the 6 instead? Hi, I have been struggling with mtn to simply change my debut order date since august after emailing complaint and phoning and visiting their branches several times.