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Exercise is my anti-depressant.

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Thought about indoor cycling and Compex. Any other thoughts on exercises I can do? I am running a 7-day race in Feb km and am wondering how I should be fueling to stay optimal for this?

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I am supposed to carry 2, calories with me per day. I am curious, how I can best get that all in there?

241: Biohacking for Moms, Anti-Aging & Raising Amazing Kids With Ben Greenfield

In the off-season, I have put mass and muscle currently at pounds. Is there any way I can continue to put on this muscle and mass while doing long endurance swims. How would I go about doing this? Any supplements I should take? Would a Keto Diet be a good idea to boost my performance and combat fatigue?

Ben Greenfield: Biohacking the Ultimate Home #15 — LUKE STOREY

Is the keto diet even ok for a teenager? We know that it can spike blood pressure - can that cause problems over time?

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  8. I like heavy lifting and I like what it does for my physique but I am worried about what it might do, long-term. More from Ben Greenfield Fitness.

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